Simple Lead Abatement Tips For Homeowners

Lead is scary and like you may have already guessed, life threatening. That is why taking measures to reduce or completely get rid of lead traces is a smart move. It is not as costly as most people think, so you have nothing to lose by hiring a lead abatement company. But before then, consider the following lead abatement tips.

Clean the house or home

The most dangerous hazard associated with lead is lead dust. This usually comes from peeling off or chipping off of lead based paints. The best way to deal with the problem is to consider regular wet cleaning. Wet cleaning will ensure that dust will not rise up. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum cleaners can be used to achieve the desired outcome.


An interim control to the problem would be to carefully cover the lead based paint with another safe paint. Even though the lead will still be underneath the new coat of paint, it will not be hazardous until the new coat start peeling off.

Seek Help

Contact a lead removal professional. This should be easy for you given that there are already several lead removal service providers. You only need to take a few considerations such as experience and reputation before hiring one. You may also have to take into account customer service. Online reviews and client testimonials happen to be the best ways to know about the best lead removal service providers. Take these into account anytime you have to hire a lead removal service provider.